I Am Published!!!

It’s been a while since I wrote here, mostly because I’ve been focused on one goal:  getting published as a fiction writer!  I have been terrified to put my work out there because you never know how it will be received, and there was a big part of me that worried that no one would like my work.  But guess what?  I was so very wrong!

I wrote a romance novel.  And I love it!  I think it’s quite good, and I finally got up the courage to self-publish a digital version on Amazon.com’s Kindle Direct Publishing.  Here’s the cover:

HALF Cover

My book follows the story of the romance between Alexandra Orsini and Clayton Michaels:

Alexandra Orsini loved her life in Seattle. Owner of her own financial advisory firm, enjoying all of the spoils the city has to offer, the last place she expected to be was on a ranch in the middle of Wyoming. But when her mentor calls in a favor to ask her to help out his oldest friends save their ranch called Michaels Mob, she simply can’t say no. 

Alex was ready to help a failing business, was ready for the challenge of the mid-western countryside, but she was not ready for Clayton Michaels. An angry cowboy, and father of two, seems hellbent on saving his ranch on his own. He got his family into this mess, and he’s too proud to let anyone help him, let alone some big city accountant who knows nothing of life on a ranch. 

Urban passion meets country pride in this story of family, devotion, and love. Can the cowboy get out of his own way to let the city girl help him? Will the fire that ignites between these two burn bright enough to save the Michaels Mob, or will it burn it to the ground?

People are buying my book.  Just a few people, but that’s how it starts!  And one person even reviewed it and said:

Great story, enjoyed the characters kept me interested will be reading the others in the series!! Recommend you read this book.

And the best part is the reviewer is a complete stranger!  People are reading it as a purchased kindle download, and others are reading is as part of their Kindle Unlimited subscription.  It’s amazing!

Others have asked for an actual physical book to purchase and I’m working on that.  But at the end of the day, I have a published book!  I did it myself!  I made it happen for myself!  I stopped being afraid to put myself out there and just did it!  And so far, it’s been well received.  And most importantly, it’s invigorated me to keep writing and work hard to do whatever it takes to become a professional writer!

If you’d like to read my book, you can order it here:  Have A Little Faith

Super important breadcrumb found!

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