Mama loooooves her some cobra pose!


I woke up with some serious shoulder tension and pain today.  And unfortunately, I couldn’t get to yoga until tonight.  The tension got worse as my work day was hectic.  But then I got home and after dinner and chores, it was time for yoga.

So, I’ve been doing yoga for over a week now, and here is what I’ve learned about this ancient art so far:

1) I looooove the cobra pose.  It feels heavenly to get in and out of that pose.  It stretches my back like nothing else.  Breathing while in it is like massaging my own back with my breath and it’s trippy and exhilarating all at the same time.  I’m a fan.

2) Yoga clothes are a functional thing and not just cute clingy wear.  The wrong clothes will hinder movement.   The wrong clothes feel like weights pulling you out of the poses you worked so hard to get into.  The wrong clothes will make yoga harder than it needs to be.  And one should never wear a thong while doing yoga.  That’s a mistake you’ll only make once!

3) I waste my breath a lot during the day.  I never realized how shallow I breathe.  In the past few days i find myself breathing through moments mindfully.  And it feels really good.

4) The felxibilty I thought I lost is still in there.  I can feel my body thanking me for pulling it out of it’s sedentary prison.  My ligaments are stretching, my muscles are elongating, and I’m getting stronger.

Yoga is badass.  And in no time, my body is going to transform.  I can feel it in my veins.  And I likes it!

Ciao for now,



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