Ultimate Motivation!

This video gets my blood pumping. Ge’s my heart racing, and makes me want to get up out of whatever sitting or lounging position I’m in and move! I love everything about this video, and it will be my soundtrack for 2014.

I’m completely guilty of hitting that alarm and going back to sleep, after I’ve specifically set it early enough for me to get up and get a workout in.  I love sleep.  I love being lazy, this should not be news to anyone.  But I’m trying to change it, and it’s tough.  Really tough.  So, motivating videos like this one help.  They help ignite the fire that still burns within me.  They help bring out the competitor in me, and remind me that i’m only competing against myself.  And anyone who knows me knows that I don’t play games, because when I do, I play to annihilate.

And that’s what I have to do with my current goals.  I have to compete against myself to get what I want.  I have to play this game called life, and I have to win.  I have to win.  Losing is no longer an option.

Thank you, Nike, for this video.  Thank you for the motivation.  Thank you for the reminder.  And thank you for the fuel on my fire to be better than I have been and to keep my momentum in a forward motion.  Because she is a harsh mistress, but I’ll be damned if she’s going to whoop me.  I will be victorious in this game.  I will win.


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