Aaaand, breaaaaathe…


So, in keeping up with my goal to move every day, yesterday was tough to get that accomplished.  My corgi, Sheldon, went to doggy daycare, so he would not be in need of a walk when I got home.  It was a long, busy Monday, and I was wiped by the time I got home.  I made a quick dinner, and vegged on the couch with a sleeping corgi at my side.  It was approaching 9pm, and I was beating myself up for not working out right when I got home.  

And then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw it!  The DVD three pack I purchased from Amazon for myself for Christmas!  And I remembered there was an AM/PM yoga DVD in there.  I quickly jumped off the couch, and went to change my clothes and came back and popped that bad boy in!  I laid out my newly purchased yoga mat (thank you, Target), and waited as the menu faded in on my television screen.

The PM Yoga menu had everything from a 5 minute long breathing tutorial to a 45 minute sleep well yoga session.  I decided on the 30 minute tension relief one, as I was feeling very tense and had never done yoga before in my life.  So, I clicked play, and this lovely lady came on the screen, looking very tranquil in her soft blue yoga pants and tank top.  The backdrop was a stunning white beach, with clear blue waves crashing on the sand.  

The twists and stretches we did were actually not that foreign from ones I had done yeaaaaaaars ago as a gymnast or during ballet training.  

It was harder than I expected, but since it was a beginner level, it wasn’t so hard I couldn’t do it. The lady’s voice was very peaceful and calming. I realize how much flexibility I’ve lost over the years, and am abound and determined to get them back. This was definitely relaxing yoga. I’m sure the other ones created to make you sweat and fully work out you will be much more challenging. But at the end of the day, I did it! I did my first yoga session of my life. The bandaid has been ceremoneously ripped off, and now to just practice.

Which is a strange thing, because I haven’t heard that word for so many years. One practices yoga. One also practices gymnastics. Interesting dots to connect. Another interesting dot is that one of the women I admire most on this planet is a yoga instructor. I spent one hellacious year in a sorority at UW, and the ONLY good thing that came out of that year was that I got given the best Big Sis a girl could ask for. She gave me my first drink. Introduced me to my first frat boy. Took me to get my first tattoo. She was a terrible influence, and I adore her! And now, all grown up, but still not quite a grown up, cuz she’s too amazing for such things, she has become a yoga instructor. Her body is smokin! Well, it’s always been smokin, let’s be clear. But now, it’s strong and healthy and lean and gorgeous, and I’ve been fighting trying out this art of hers, and now that I have, I totally see what the fuss is about and what drew her to it. She’s a former ballerina as well, and all that stretching and bending and twisting is not only natural to us, but feel really damn good! So, I can’t wait to really get into this yoga thing, with the end goal of taking a yoga retreat with her some day. I’m so proud of me. And I hope she’s proud of me, too!


Ciao for now,



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