And the writing begins…


I sat down to achieve my goal of writing every day in January, and started work on a play I started over a year ago.  I reworked it, rewrote parts, renamed characters, and spent the better part of three hours just focused on creating.  And damn, it felt fantastic!  I have been so focused on being a care giver, that I never took the time to focus on my art, and now that I have again, I am remembering the person I was supposed to be.  

I only got to spend a few short years with her, before she got locked away in favor of the caregiver.  But she’s been let out of her cage, and y’all better get ready, because after almost 16 years of silence, she has A LOT to say.

The play is just the beginning.  I will finally finish the two novels I’ve been dabbling with over the years, and I will self publish them on Amazon!  I will get the poems I’m dying to write down on paper.  I will have actors read my play out loud so I can hear it, and perhaps, when it’s fully developed and finalized, submit it to some theatres for production!  

I’m invigorated.  I’m inspired.  I’m friggin free!  And wow, I forgot how freedom feels.  How light and airy and, dare I say it, happy I am right now.  

The writing has begun…and there is no end in sight.

Ciao for now,



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